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American Flag with Pawleys Island Beach in the background

How to Enjoy July 4th in Pawleys Island

Spending the week of July 4th at the beach has been a tradition many families have held for generations! If you will be enjoying this popular week along our beautiful shores, here is our guide to an amazing July 4th in Pawleys Island. If you are looking for a place to stay, join Peace Vacations for a wonderful vacation.

1. Enjoy a Beach Day and Salute from the Shore!

While you are swimming in the ocean, and enjoying the beautiful Pawleys Island beach – keep an eye out for Salute from the Shore. You can enjoy a parade in the sky and watch old and new military planes fly down the South Carolina shore to celebrate Independence Day.

2. Fireworks

Fireworks are a classic July 4th tradition many families share. When your near Pawleys Island, you can watch an amazing firework show in Murrells Inlet! Join the community at the 4th of July on the MarshWalk festival. Before the fireworks start, enjoy a patriotic boat parade starting at 6pm. Many Hammock Coast locals and visitors alike enjoy this July 4th tradition.

3. Pawleys Island 4th of July Parade!

Each year, the locals of Pawleys Island enjoy Independence Day with a parade on the Island! This is a fun and wonderful event the family will enjoy – do not forget your patriotic decorations. You can sit back and enjoy the parade or participate. Learn more: Pawleys Island July 4th Parade

In addition to these events, do not forget to enjoy time with loved ones! Relax, have a cookout, watch some fireworks, and have an amazing day celebrating the United States of America!

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Beachcomber’s Guide to the Waccamaw Neck

Shell hunting along the shores of Litchfield Beach, Pawleys Island, and DeBordieu Beach is a cherished activity enjoyed by many. Collecting these timeless treasures not only creates lasting memories but also connects us to the beauty of our coastal surroundings. Having grown up frequenting these beaches, my family and I have spent countless hours strolling along the coastline, gathering shells. The thrill of discovering native sea shells is unmatched, with surprises awaiting at every turn. Beachcombing, or shell hunting, is a beloved pastime here, and I’m excited to share insights into the 7 Common South Carolina Sea Shells you can find during your visit! Stay with Peace Vacations!


Three lettered olive sea shells sitting on a wooden table.

1. Lettered Olive (Olive ssayana)

The Lettered Olive holds special significance as the State Shell of South Carolina. This beautiful shell is frequently discovered along the South Carolina coast, particularly in the shallow water during low tide. As you explore the shores of Pawleys Island and beyond, keep an eye out for these distinctive, shiny round shells gracefully rolling in with the waves. This is one of the most popular South Carolina Sea Shells!


Three Shark Eye sea shells sitting on a wooden table.

2. Shark Eye (Neverita duplicata)

Shark Eyes, the home of mollusks in the shallow coastal waters, are frequently discovered along South Carolina’s coastline. As you comb our beaches for shells, keep an eye out for these distinctive shiny, round shapes—you’re likely to spot one! Interestingly, Shark Eyes shells can also serve as homes for hermit crabs, adding to the fun of your seaside discoveries


Four lighting whelk sea shells of various sizes sitting on a wooden table.

3. Lighting Whelk (Sinistrofulgur perversum)

Lightning Whelks and other large whelk species are among the most thrilling shells to discover on South Carolina’s beaches. Although fairly common, they can be rare to find on busy shores due to their popularity. Keep a keen lookout, as spotting one first often means claiming it! For better chances of finding a Lightning Whelk, consider visiting quieter, less frequented beaches where foot traffic is minimal.


One Auger sea shell sitting on a wooden table.

4. Auger (Terebridae)

Augers were my favorite sea shell as I searched for them along the South Carolina Coast. I fondly referred to them as ‘Ice Cream Cone Shells’ due to their delightful spiral shape. You can frequently spot these shells at low tide in the shallow waters along the coast. Augers serve as homes for mollusks, and they are also popular residences for hermit crabs. When collecting these shells, be sure to inspect them for any resident creatures!


Five pink, white, and crimson calico scallop sea shells on a wooden table.

5. Calico Scallop (Argopecten gibbus)

Calico Scallops are a delightful discovery due to their vibrant colors and striking patterns, featuring beautiful shades of pink, brown, and grey. These shells make a fun and attractive addition to any collection. In my experience, the Waccamaw Neck area is a prime spot for finding Calico Scallops, so be sure to keep an eye out during your beachcombing adventures along the South Carolina Coast!


Two slipper sea shells on a wooden table.

6. Slipper Shell (Crepidula fornicata)

The Slipper Shell, commonly referred to as ‘Slippers’ for their resemblance to bedtime shoes, is a frequent discovery along the shorelines. Often found in clusters with Cockles, Clams, and other broken shells, Slipper Shells blend in seamlessly. Keep a lookout for these charming sea shells during your sea shell excursions!


Seven variations of Cockle sea shells sitting on a wooden table.

7. Cockle Shell (Cerastoderma edule)

The Cockle Shell is a ubiquitous find along our shores, with over 250 species of these bivalves falling under the common name ‘Cockle’. While they may seem ordinary, pay close attention to the various shapes and sizes—they often reveal surprising treasures during your South Carolina sea shell hunting adventures!

So, do not forget your beach buckets next time you stay with Peace Vacations, and don’t forget to have fun and hunt responsibly.

Spring flowers in Pawleys Island, South Carolina


Spring Activities near Pawleys Island and Georgetown

Spring has arrived in Pawleys Island, South Carolina, a season of natural splendor and coastal charm. Discover the first signs of spring as Saucer Magnolias bloom, inviting you to embark on a rejuvenating getaway filled with relaxation and exploration. Here is our guide for memorable spring activities near Pawleys Island and DeBordieu.


1. Brookgreen Gardens: A Springtime Botanical Haven

In springtime, Brookgreen Gardens in Murrells Inlet, SC, offers a day of natural beautiful, art, and endless paths through a picturesque botanical garden. While visitors can explore not only the breathtaking flora, but also the remarkable art and sculptures that grace the grounds. From amazing gardens to intricately carved sculptures, Brookgreen Gardens blends art and nature, offering an escape where visitors can immerse themselves in the beauty of both. Whether wandering along the winding paths or admiring the artistry within the garden’s galleries, a visit to Brookgreen Gardens in spring is a memorable and enriching experience. This is our top recommendation for the best spring activities near Pawleys Island. https://www.brookgreen.org/

Live oak row in Brookgreen Gardens in Murrells Inlet, SF


2. Enjoy the Beach: Spring by the Shore

Spending a warm spring day on the beaches of Pawleys Island and DeBordieu Colony in South Carolina is a lovely experience. The sun shines brightly overhead, warming the golden sands and inviting gentle waves lap at the shoreline. There is no better way to enjoy the best spring activity near Pawleys Island. In late spring, the water is warm enough to swim in the ocean. Relax with toes buried in the sand and take a leisurely stroll along the coast. Whether you’re lounging with a beach read or simply enjoying the sound of the ocean, the beaches of Pawleys Island and DeBordieu offer a serene and rejuvenating escape.


3. Hammock Shops: Pawleys Island Local Shopping

Shop under the shade of oaks, pines, and flowering trees this spring at the Hammock Shops. It perfectly blends the beautiful scenes of a relaxing garden with the charm of locally owned businesses. The beautiful design of this shopping area is full of color and a village feel. It is perfect for photo opportunities, and a fun place for the family. Visit the Original Hammock Shop to watch them get handmade, and take in the wonder of the area. When it comes to things to do in Pawleys Island, The Hammock Shops Village is a wonderful place to have fun. https://www.hammockshopsvillage.com/


4. Historic Georgetown: Southern Charm and Waterfront Views

Full of wonderful local restaurants, shops, and waterfront charm, Downtown Georgetown is a wonderful place to enjoy the spring. When the beautiful azaleas are in bloom around the beautiful historic homes, it makes for a wonderful stroll. Enjoy the Georgetown historic sites, and take a walk down the beautiful Harbor-walk. This boardwalk offers great views of the Georgetown Harbor, lined with boats and beautiful views. During the spring, the coastal weather is perfect as you enjoy all that the Historical Downtown has to offer.

Azaleas in Downtown Georgetown South Carolina


Embark on a memorable spring journey to Pawleys Island and DeBordieu, where natural beauty and coastal charm await. Overall, whether you’re seeking relaxation on the beach or exploration amidst art and nature, this coastal paradise offers the perfect escape for your spring getaway.

If you want to enjoy a wonderful South Carolina beach vacation, give Peace Vacations a call, or visit our website to book an amazing trip! https://www.peace-vacations.com