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with Peace Vacations?

There are so many options these days when it comes to booking a vacation rental. You can book online with one of the Mega Booking Sites like HomeAway, VRBO, AirBnB, and TripAdvisor, or you can book directly with Peace Vacations, online or by phone. We want to make it easy for you to understand the benefits of booking directly with us. Mega Booking Sites can add up to 20% to your reservation with hidden booking fees. When you book directly with Peace Vacations, you get the guaranteed best price for your vacation, direct access to knowledgeable local staff and outstanding service and attention to detail from 45 years of rental management experience.




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Best Possible Price Guaranteed

Many guests don’t know this, but Mega Booking Sites are charging additional booking fees just for booking on their website. If you’ve booked a Peace Vacations vacation through anyone other than us, you’ve paid too much! These fees can add hundreds of dollars of costs to your family’s vacation!

Mega Booking Sites like HomeAway, VRBO, Airbnb, and TripAdvisor are charging you up to 20% in hidden service fees when booking through one of their sites. We offer the same great properties for a fraction of the cost. Book direct with us at Peace-Vacations.com and save on your next vacation! Better yet, booking direct is the only way you can take advantage of exclusive deals and specials, last minute savings and promotions.

Staff with Local Expertise at Your Service

Our staff has expert knowledge of all of our vacation properties, including specific information about location, furnishings, and amenities. We can also give local tips on things to do in the area, events, and other questions you may have! Our Vacation Specialists are local and here to answer any questions you have and help you find the perfect home for your vacation. We are better equipped to answer specific and unique questions about your vacation rental that are important to your experience because we have been in everyone of our properties.

Say you have questions about a property or properties you are interested in. The Mega Booking Sites are booking engines powered only to serve up listed properties that fit a defined set of filters. When you call the Mega Booking Site, you’ll be speaking with an out-of-town call center worker who has no idea about Peace Vacations policies or properties. When you call Peace Vacations, you’ll reach one of our local vacation planners who can describe in detail the finer points of enjoying a vacation in the Pawleys Island area. Our vacation planners are ready to answer questions, discuss amenities and help you select the property best suited to your family’s needs.

Vacationers have trusted Peace Vacations to help them create happy family memories since 1973, even before the area became the popular destination it is today. Our vacation rental management team is made up of people who live here and love to share their ideas for how you can create a vacation your family will never forget. Want a surfing lessons? We can tell you how to line them up. Want to know which restaurants the locals love? We know! Thinking about taking an offshore fishing trip? We’ll tell you who’s the best.

Personalized Professional Management of Each Property

We have personally owned vacation rental properties here at the beach for over a decade; we know what guests expect and deserve. Our goal is to manage a limited number of properties and to provide personalized service to manage them to the highest standards. We have seen vacation rental guests beginning to express their frustration with Mega Booking Site charges and their lack of accountability to the guests’ overall vacation experience.

Once you arrive, say something doesn’t go as planned. A call to the Mega Booking Site won’t help smooth the path. They’ll send you to Peace Vacations for assistance, so why not just skip the middleman altogether?

When you book through Peace Vacations, ensuring your family’s vacation is a success is our #1 goal. When there’s a problem, we send a member of our in-house maintenance team directly to the property to resolve the issue or select a vendor to make sure the problem is handled quickly and you can go back to enjoying your vacation.

Next time you are planning a vacation in the Pawleys Island area, bypass the Mega Booking Sites and book directly at Peace-Vacations.com. You’ll spend less money, avoid headaches, have the confidence that a team of professionals are behind you, and get the 24/7 support of a team of locals whose only business is making your vacation a success.

“I have always used VRBO, but this time I used Peace Vacations. The customer service is outstanding! Pricing beats VRBO and the place we stayed at was a great value. I will definitely used them again.”

Mat R.

When it comes to booking a vacation rental, cut out the middle man! It pays to book direct and book local, instead of using a Mega Booking Site. When you book directly with Peace Vacations, you save money and headaches and benefit from local knowledge.

Booking Direct is a Smarter Way to Get Away!